Ship Shape uses biodegradable and non-toxic products to ensure the safety of you and your family. As adventurers and lovers of the great outdoors, we make it our mission to clean with the best products.

We are a green cleaning company

Method All Purpose Spray

Why do we love Method? This powerful cleaner knows how to tackle dirt and grime, leaving surfaces sparkly clean with wonderful scents, while remaining eco-friendly. Created from plants, it's safe to use around your family and pets.

Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Spray

Garden-inspired scents. This household product makes cleaning your home fresh, fun and fragrant. All of their cleaners are made with essential oils, are phosphate-free, and are never test on animals. So, it will be good for you and your home.

Method Toilet Bowl Cleaner

This powerful disinfectant is strong enough to eliminate the germs and bacteria in your toilet, while being non-toxic. Made from all natural resources, you can rest assured that we won't bring any hash chemicals to your home.

Microfiber Rags

We use microfiber rags to ensure every last crumb is lifted off your surfaces. The tiny fibers in these rags lock onto dirt and dust, leaving your surfaces clean and clear.

Shark Rocket Vacuum

We know you'll appreciate the Shark as much as we do. This powerful vacuum picks up a surprising amount of dirt from hard floors and carpet that you may never have suspected was there. The attachments allow us to get into those hard to reach places to ensure all the dirt is gone. From cheerios to pet hair, this vacuum will leave your floors looking and feeling brand new.

Shark Steam Mop

Shark cleans with the power of steam! This steam mop kills 99.9% of germs without the use of any harsh chemicals. It is safe to use on all sealed hard surfaces and will lift the dirt right off your floors for a smooth, clean feel.