Frequently asked questions

for home owners

How will you enter my home?

We want to do what is most comfortable for you. If you would like to be home, we would love to see you! Alternatively, you can provide us a garage code or a key to any entrance door. We are more than willing to buy a lockbox (at our expense) to leave outside your home. Whichever way works best for you is perfect for us.

Do I need to be home?

It's entirely up to you! Feel free to relax, do other work, or pop in and out.

Do I need to provide supplies?

No. We bring every gadget and gizmo necessary to clean your home.

Do I need to tidy up before you get here?

The better your house is picked up, the better job we can do cleaning for you. If your table has turned into a project zone or your children have a fort set up / toys in a certain way, we will skip these areas until the next visit. Getting things up off the floor helps save time for us so we can better clean for you. If you aren't able to organize before we come, no problem. We will do our best with what we can reach.

Do you clean blinds?

We do what we can. While we believe the simple feather-dusting methods to clean blinds doesn't do the job properly, we can only try out best within a reasonable timeframe. Since they can be extremely time-consuming and a liability for easy breaking, we recommend hiring a specialized service for your blinds.

Do you clean window screens?

Yes! Depending on accessibility, we take them out and put them back. We scrub them down with soap and water in a tub/shower and let them air dry. This is an incredibly time consuming project, depending on the number of screens, so we ask that you understand if you have us clean your entire home on top of washing screens, to set aside up to 6 hours of your time. Alternatively, we would appreciate if you took them out before we arrive and put them back after we leave.

Since you clean windows, what if I have windows out of arms reach?

For the safety of our employees, we will not step onto ladders higher than two feet. If you have heavy furniture, such as couches, in front of windows, we will do our best to reach what areas we can. Keep in mind, we clean your windows every time we visit your house.

Is tipping required?

No way! Tipping is completely optional. We urge you instead to leave short notes for us when we clean your home well or when there's an area where we can improve upon. Every client is different and every home is different, so we want to make sure we match our cleaning job to your standard of clean.

My pets occasionally have accidents in the house. Will you clean that up?

Due to liability, we will not clean up any pet vomit or waste. Please speak with one of the owners if you have any concerns.

My house has a lot of spiders and other pests. Will you get rid of them?

We will take care of the occasional spiderweb. However, please note that we do not specialize in extermination. We will not remove pests from your home, but allowing us to keep your home clean can prevent pests from becoming a problem.